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Impermax is a DeFi ecosystem that enables liquidity providers to leverage their LP tokens

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The missing piece to the Automated Market Makers' puzzle
Today, automated market makers' liquidity providing is full of inefficiencies. As a response to that problem we have developed a lending protocol completely based on LP tokens. On Impermax, liquidity providers can collateralize their loan with LP tokens, leveraging them. This breakthrough innovation will make providing liquidity much more efficient. Keep reading...
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Borrower's benefits
  • Use any UniswapV2 LP Token as collateral
  • Borrow a token using collateral backed by that token
  • Earn yields on Uniswap with leverage up to 10x
  • Risk is reduced to impermanent loss
Lender's benefits
  • Earn interest on any token tradeable on Uniswap
  • Indirectly provide liquidity to Uniswap without any exposure to impermanent loss
  • You need just 1 token to be a lender
  • Your loan is collateralized by LP tokens backed by the tokens you lent
Less governance,
More decentralization
We're following the same design philosophy as Uniswap: everyone is free of adding a new pair on the application. Moreover, governance will have the job to adjust a few parameters in order to optimize the system, but it will not have the power shut it down. The application is fully decentralized and without single points of failure.
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Investors & Partners
Impermax Team
Simone Rigolon
Founder & Core Developer
Brian Tinsman
Economics and Finance
Dr. Deeban Ratneswaran
An award winning academic, entrepreneur and international educationalist. Founder of remarxs.com and GD10.ventures. An integral advisor to many tier 1 projects in NFT and Defi. He has 7 degrees and post-graduate diplomas and has supported Impermax from seed.
Kyle Chasse
Founder of Master Ventures and Paid Network, Kyle is a blockchain industry veteran and technology entrepreneur, who has founded, advised and invested in numerous early-stage blockchain projects since his initial investment in Bitcoin in 2012.
Kinsa Durst
CMO on many top Web3 projects. A multi-linguist with an engineering background, he provides customised marketing, cross-cultural BD and PR strategies. A partner at DeFi Code, an advisory firm which helped projects raise $30+mm and bootstrap global communities.